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Ari Lennox via Twitter

Ari Lennox is celebrating her “most depressing birthday to date.”

The “Pressure” singer turned 31 on March 26 and she took to the streets of Twitter to get a few things off of her chest.

Probably the most depressing birthday to date. Thanks everyone for being so sweet though. ❤️

It feels nice to say it’s been almost 4 months since I’ve had a drink. But the world is fn trying me right now. It’s amazing the difference a year can make. To have friends steal from you. Friends quit on you the day before a show. To have people threaten you. I’m so fn tired

To recognize that those friends were never friends at all. Those loved ones were never loved ones. It’s a heartbreaking reality. And many people that gave a fuck aren’t here anymore. You think you have all this time and you simply don’t.

I don’t ever want friends again and I don’t want to be nobody damn friend.

Definitely enjoyed blocking bout 50 folks just now. So annoyed with me but @ting me and quoting me. It’s giving obsessed.

And it’s my fn birthday I can cry and rant

Nicki Minaj joined the convo in Ari’s defense writing:

Why should this woman have to block ppl on her bday? Y’all be running some of the best talents out this game then wonder why this shit so fkn dry!

Idk what y’all said & IDC. ????

You’re beautiful & I love your voice. Gotta learn how to just be tunnel vision to the love mama. HBD ????

Ari responded to Nicki writing:

Thank you Queen ❤️❤️❤️ You don’t know how much your sweetness and love means to me today. I receive all that you’re saying and I’m gone get it together. I appreciate the kindness so much

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When a fan suggested Ari should reach out to Chika, who shared alarming tweets because they are both going through it right now, she responded:

I don’t talk to her. She made it clear that we are not friends.

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The good news is Ari is now feeling better and says that she is grateful for the birthday love.

Thanks for the bday wishes loves ???????????? resetting and choosing peace. Thanks for the patience and understanding and love. Love you all ❤️❤️❤️ thanks to @dreamville for the beautiful birthday and cheering me up!

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For many of us, birthdays can be rough.

It is oftentimes a time of reflection and that can be challenging for some.

The real blessing is living to see another birthday.

I wish Ari Lennox the Happiest Birthday.

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