Apple has announced they will release The Banker in theaters and Apple TV+ this March.

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The George Nolfi-directed drama is based on the real-life story of African American businessmen Bernard Garrett (Anthony Mackie) and Joe Morris (Samuel L. Jackson) who devise a plan to help their fellow African Americans being kept from the American Dream in the racially oppressive 1960s.

Unfortunately, the film hit a brick wall and was shelved following allegations that co-producer Bernard Garrett Jr., the son of the film’s subject, Bernard Garrett (played by Mackie), had molested his two half-sisters 50 years ago when they were young girls.

On Thursday, Apple said Bernard Jr. would not profit from the release of the film. However, insiders say he already got paid.

The Banker will be released in theaters and Apple TV+ on March 3.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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