Antonio Brown Puts A Spin Move On The Seahawks & Signs With The Buccaneers

Antonio Brown was reportedly headed to the Seattle Seahawks on Wednesday, but on Friday, he agreed to a one-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I’m sure Tom Brady, Tampa Bay’s QB, had a lot to do with Brown signing to the Bucs.

Brady and Brown made a special bond during his brief time with the Patriots prior to Brown’s NFL suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

The Bucs coach Bruce Arians told the media in March that Antonio Brown would not be a good fit for the Bucs locker room. “Yeah, it’s not gonna happen,” Arians said on CBS Sports Network. “There’s no room. And probably not enough money. But it’s not gonna happen — it’s not a fit here.”

What changed Bruce?

Arians is familiar with Brown’s shenanigans because he was Brown’s offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh (2010-2011).

My hypothesis is Tom Brady convinced the Bucs organization that signing Brown for one year would give them the best chance to win the Super Bowl this season.

The Bucs are hopeful Brown clears COVID-19 testing and successfully completes his suspension so he can be available for the November 9th game against the New Orleans Saints.

Antonio Brown’s addition will give the Bucs three Pro-Bowl receivers, but Mike Evans and Chris Godwin have been playing through injury this season.

The pressure is definitely on Brady to win the Super Bowl now that they have acquired one of the top three receivers in the NFL in Antonio Brown.

Do you think the Bucs will win the Super Bowl now that they have acquired Antonio Brown?

Source: USA Today

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