Anthony Robinson, aka “the “Shopping Cart Killer” is suspected of killing women and using shopping carts to transport their bodies for disposal.

Virginia police believe Robinson killed at least four women across two different parts of Virginia.

Robinson, was taken into custody and charged with two deaths last month, and the deaths of the two other women are being investigated.

According to police, Robinson allegedly met his victims on dating websites and lured them to local motels.

He would then kill them and use shopping carts to transport their bodies to vacant lots to dispose of them.

Two of his victims, Allene Elizabeth “Beth” Redmon, 54, and Tonita Lorice “Nita” Smith, 39, were found dead last month (November 23) in an abandoned lot, not far from each other, in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Authorities are investigating the deaths of two other women who they believe Robinson killed, Cheyenne Brown, 29, and the second alleged victim is yet to be identified, from Fairfax, Virginia.

After Robinson was arrested, Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department reached out to neighboring authorities and said that Robinson was last seen with Cheyenne Brown before she went missing.

Initially, police didn’t find anything at the location where Brown was last spotted, but they found themselves back at the same spot following up on a tip, and they noticed a shopping cart in the distance.

They found two bodies in the shopping cart, one they believe is Brown, who has not been fully identified, and the unidentified second woman.

Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis made the following statement about the findings.

We have a tattoo that’s been positively identified by her family as Cheyenne’s tattoo, and the reason why we’re not waiting … until we get positive and 100 percent positive DNA or dental verification that it is Cheyenne, is because we believe that there may be other victims in the area and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

And we need to act now.

Robinson was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two felony counts of concealing, transporting or altering a dead body, as it relates to the first two women.

He has not been formally charged for the newly discovered deaths, but police say chargers are forthcoming.

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According to a Rockingham County Jail spokesperson, Anthony Robinson is being held with no bond.

We send our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims.

Source: People