Ariana DeBose, Bella Ramsey, and Anthony Ramos via YouTube (Courtesy of Critics Choice Awards)

Anthony Ramos is under fire in the streets of Twitter for being complicit in a shady joke hurled at Ariana DeBose at the Critics Choice Awards

During Sunday’s awards ceremony, Anthony and “The Last of Us” star Bella Ramsey were presenting the award for Best Song. 

Bella ran off a list is “actors who think they are singers” and listed Jack Black, Ariana DeBose, and Ryan Gosling

The camera panned to Ariana who had an “IKYFL” look on her face before laughing it off. 

Watch the clip below. 

Anthony Ramos is getting dragged for being complicit in the joke aimed at his “Hamilton” co-star. 

One person wrote, “Anthony Ramos LITERALLY was in the same Hamilton cast as her??? How did he let this happen?”

Someone else tweeted, “To Anthony Ramos who was literally in Hamilton THEE broadway musical with Ariana and still stood there and let this joke slide: in seven days you will begin to cough…

Read more Twitter reactions below. 

Ariana DeBose took to her Instagram Story and went on record writing, “No, I didn’t find it funny. Lol.

See her post below. 


Do you think Anthony Ramos deserves the smoke he’s receiving for not coming to Ariana DeBose’s defense? 

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