Anita Alvarez lost consciousness and sank to the bottom of the pool while competing in Budapest in artistic swimming, and her coach Andrea Fuentes jumped in and saved her.

As Andrea grabbed Anita and attempted to bring her to the service, she still was not breathing.

Another swimmer, who was preparing to compete, assisted Andrea in bringing Anita to the surface.

Andrea, administered CPR until the medics and the team doctor took over.

She described a technique she used on Anita’s fingernail that woke her up.

There’s a way that you press very hard the nail and this creates… it’s very painful, but it creates adrenaline for you to wake up.

So she woke up like WHUH HAA!

Artistic swimming requires holding your breath for long periods of time and Andrea says it’s not uncommon for swimmers to pass out.

The sport is extremely hard. Sometimes people pass out because our job is to discover our limits. That’s what we do as athletes.

Anita Alvarez lost consciousness last year at a competition as well.

She is fine now, and she will be evaluated to compete in the team event in a few days.

Andrea Fuentes is a heroine for reacting to save Anita’s life while the lifeguards on duty did nothing.

Watch the GMA story below:

Thank God she’s okay!