Angela Simmons showed Jay-Z some love yesterday on his birthday (Dec. 4) by re-enacting some of the lyrics to “Beach Is Better” off of the Magna Carter Holy Grail album.

Those that follow Angela Simmons on social media know that dancing is not her strong suit, she has even admitted it herself, but she doesn’t let it deter her from expressing herself and having fun.

In the vid she doesn’t really dance, but she does go into rapper performance mode with some mean rap hands.

She has a little stumble at one point, but besides that she does a great job with the re-enactment.

Watch the vid below:

Angela was one of many celebrities that gave Jay-Z a birthday shout out yesterday on his 51st birthday, but she definitely put in extra effort.

I wonder if Hov saw Angela’s video.

What did you think of Angela Simmons re-enactment?