Andrew Brown Jr.’s son, Khalil Ferebee, and the family’s attorney, Chatel Cherry-Lassiter, spoke out on no charges being filed against the sheriff deputies that are responsible for Andrew’s death, in a recent interview on “The View.”

Understandably, Khalil Ferebee was still full of emotions and disbelief from the reality of losing his father from a situation that could’ve been avoided, but he did his best to answer the questions.

When he was asked, what was his reaction to the DA saying that the officers were justified in killing his father, Khalil responded he thinks it’s BS.

I just feel like it’s BS!

He’s trying to paint a narrative to his own opinion to the video, and it’s hurting… it’s hurting.

The judge overseeing the case only allowed Khalil, his brother, and one representative from the attorneys’ team to view the redacted 20-minute video of the incident.

The family along with North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper are calling for the release of the 2-hour unreacted video.

Khalil is confident that they have not released the full video because they have something to hide.

Yes, he has something to hide. If my pops… If he was in the wrong they should release the video to show that… you know!

But, that’s not the case… If that’s the case you would’ve been done released it.

I don’t see why wouldn’t you.

The family attorney Chantel Cherry-Lassiter revealed that Andrew Brown Jr. was shot in the back of the head fleeing the scene with the officers behind him, therefore he did not pose a threat to them.

She said the DA failed to mention that the officers were firing in a school zone at 8:20 in the morning during the incident, and they fired into a residence near Mr. Brown’s house.

She also stated that the officers violated Section 300.4 of their own policy which states they are prohibited from firing at a moving vehicle.

The FBI has announced a Federal Civil Rights Investigation, and the family attorney has filed petitions to have all the evidence released.

Khalil wants people to know that his father was a good father and a good person despite how they are trying to paint him in the media.

He was a good person… You know… He was a good father, everything he did was for us.

And, for them to say he was a violent person that is not right!… Everybody that know him knows that he was not a violent person to himself or to anyone else.

It’s just unreal that this really happened.

Watch the full interview below:

We pray for justice for Andrew Brown Jr., and we send our deepest condolences to the family.