The Good Fight Season 6

I am super excited to share Emmy Award-winning actor André Braugher is joining Season 6 of the critically acclaimed Paramount+ series, “The Good Fight.” 

According to the network, André will star as Ri’Chard Lane, a showman lawyer, and rainmaker who is forced on Liz as a new name partner. 

A force of nature, Ri’Chard is a wild mix of brilliance, geniality, religion, and joyful hedonism. 

In short, he’s a handful.

The Good Fight Season 6

Robert and Michelle King, series co-creators, showrunners, and executive producers shared their excitement about welcoming André Braugher to the cast.

Our dream of an actor is always someone who can mix comedy and drama equally, and André Braugher is exactly that.

His work on ‘Men of a Certain Age,’ ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and ‘Homicide’ has been amazing and funny. 

We’re ecstatic that he finally has time in his schedule to come play.

The Good Fight” Season 6 has Diane feeling like she’s going crazy, struggling with an uneasy sense of déjà vu, with everything from Roe v. Wade to voting rights to Cold War aggressions returning. 

Meanwhile, the lawyers of Reddick & Associates wonder if the violence that they see all around them points to an impending civil war.

Congratulations to Mr. Braugher! 

He is such an incredibly talented actor and I’m a huge fan. 

Source: Paramount+