Amirah Vann is pregnant!

The 40-year-old singer and actress, best known for her roles on “Underground” and “How to get Away with Murder,” is expecting her first child with her fiancé, Patrick Oyeku.

While it is a joyous time for the couple, it has also been very challenging and stressful.

In a special Glamour magazine feature, Amirah opened up about being diagnosed with an “incompetent cervix,” and the tough decisions she had to make to lower her risk of pregnancy loss.

In a post on her Instagram page, Amirah shared:

Pat @patrickoyeku and I are having a Baby!!! We talked joy, fears, and the reality of having an incompetent cervix. I pray it helps someone ??

Read a portion of her feature below:

I was asked if I wanted to get a cervical cerclage, a surgery that places stitches in the cervix to hold it closed. But the procedure doesn’t come without risks of its own. The placenta could be punctured. I could get an infection.

The thought was terrifying. My mental health was being seriously challenged. Still, the choice was mine. How was I supposed to know what was best? I was told because it was my first pregnancy, there was no way of knowing how to advise. 

Read the full feature here.

I appreciate Amirah Vann for being so transparent during such a delicate time.

I pray she has a safe pregnancy and delivery.


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