American Airlines forced a couple to leave a plane with their 7-week-old baby over a disagreement with flight attendants.

The incident took place Sunday (December 5) on a flight from Charlotte to Philadelphia.

According to the infant’s mother, she was asked by a flight attendant to get up to allow a passenger to enter her row and sit down.

When she got up, with her baby in her arms, she asked the flight attendant if she could move back to allow her room to get into the aisle.

The flight attendant asked her, “Is there going to be a problem?”

The mother responded, “No, there is not a problem.”

Once the passenger got in his seat, the flight attendant told the mother, “Now you sit down and put your seatbelt on!”

The mother made sure to let the flight attendant know that she doesn’t need to talk to her like that because she is not a child.

The flight attendant stormed off.

According to the husband, the flight attendant was very unprofessional and displayed no patience or tolerance.

There was no attempt to make sure she was settled with a 7-week-old child.

Nothing, no patience, no tolerance!

In the video, another flight attendant approaches the mother while she’s settled back in her seat.

She tells the mother that the captain says she has to leave the plane because of the altercation.

The mother tried to explain to the flight attendant that she didn’t do anything wrong, but the flight attendant insisted that they must leave the plane.

The husband was recording the interaction at the time.

A male flight attendant rudely joined the conversation and told the husband to “put the video up.”

The husband told him that he doesn’t have to do anything, and the male flight attendant smacked the phone out of his hand.

At that point, the male flight attendant should’ve been staring at the ceiling.

The father got very upset and started calling out the flight attendants for their unprofessionalism.

Watch the video below:

The couple was eventually removed from the plane and American Airlines booked them on a later flight to Philadelphia.

Source: TMZ