Amazon Sued For $350M By 2 Delivery Drivers Who Were Shot On The Job - Lawyer Denson - Eduardo Gutierrez

Two Amazon delivery drivers have filed a $350 million dollars lawsuit against Amazon because they were both shot by the same homeowner while delivering packages.

Lawyer Denson says he’s glad to be alive after being shot in his spine, where the bullet is still lodged.

Eduardo Gutierrez says he was shot five times by the same homeowner on the same night that Mr. Denson was shot.

According to the victims’ lawyers, Mr. Gutierrez was shot five minutes before Mr. Denson.

A police warrant states the homeowner Keontay Guthridge thought the two delivery drivers were at his house to try to rob him.

Guthridge said he already had packages delivered to him early that day, and he had been robbed two weeks prior.

Guthridge is in jail, but his mother spoke out in his defense saying he shouldn’t be in jail for protecting his family.

It’s heartbreaking because he has a nine-month-old out on the street, his wife, and it’s like now they’re put in a tough situation.

The lawsuit argues that the drivers did not receive a safety visibility vest which could have changed the outcome.

The victims were Amazon flex drivers in Atlanta, Georgia, and on the Amazon website it says vest and window clings are available to drivers, but a uniform is not required.

Watch the CBS 46 Atlanta news report below:

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