Alabama Councilman Thomas Bryant Arrested After Punching Mayor Wayman Newton

Tarrant, Alabama councilman, Thomas Bryant, was arrested after punching Mayor Wayman Newton in his face in a parking lot on Monday (November 7).

Thomas Bryant has a reputation for being a racist, and Wayman Newton is the new Black mayor of Tarrant.

Reportedly, the incident took place after a heated City Hall meeting where Thomas challenged Mayor Newton to step down.

In the video, Mayor Newton approaches an SUV where Thomas appears to be talking to a police officer.

Mayor Newton waits for a few seconds and the officer steps away from Thomas and starts talking to Mayor Newton.

It appears that Mayor Newton said something to the officer that got Thomas’s attention because he starts taking steps toward Mayor Newton to join the conversation.

After a few seconds, Thomas punches Mayor Newton in the face with a right jab while he is talking to the officer.

Mayor Newton reacted like he’s never been in a fight before, he quickly scurried in the opposite direction, dropped to his knees, got up, did some church shouting leaps, and approached Thomas while the officer was cuffing him, dismissively waving his right hand.

Watch the video footage below:

A year ago the citizens of Tarrant were calling for Thomas Bryant’s resignation after he called a Black female councilwoman a racial slur in a city council meeting.

Watch the WVTM 13 news report below:

There are also videos on TikTok calling out Thomas Bryant’s racist behavior:


During a public session, Bryant used the slur to refer to a Black female council member, VeronicaFreeman. #MakeRacismWrongAgain #fypシ

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We’re here! The usual shenanigans in #tarrantal turned violent last night when Councilman Tommy Bryant sucker punched Mayor Waynan Newton. In front of police and media. We’re satire but you can’t make this stuff up.

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Source: TMZ

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