Akon said the “famous and the rich goes through more issues than the poor,” while reflecting on the untimely passing of his friend, Michael K. Williams.

He referenced the song “Mo Money Mo Problems,” and he said it’s a real thing.

I’m sure rich people would much rather deal with their rich problems than live a life of financial struggle.

Akon did make some very valid points concerning friends needing to check up on each other because no one knows what another person may be going through behind their mask.

He said that Michael K. Williams’ death really hurt because he considered him a really good friend, an amazing person, super funny, and talented.

He also mentioned the fact that they hadn’t seen each other since before the Pandemic adds to that hurt.

Akon lives his life drug and alcohol-free and he advised anyone that may be struggling with addiction to “just let it go” and find other ways to cope with issues and challenges that life present.

If it were only that simple for those struggling with addiction.

Watch the video below:

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Source: TMZ