Adrien Broner sat down with Vlad TV and talked about some recent troubles in his life, including being banned from the MGM and getting arrested.

Adrien Broner, also known as AB, used to be a very talented boxer on the rise, but somewhere along the line, something went wrong.

I believe his overconfidence, fluctuation in weight, & racial outburst toward his competitors played a major role in his fall from grace.

At one point Floyd Mayweather was AB’s mentor, but as AB’s popularity grew he started talking bad about Floyd.

I believe they have a decent relationship now because I’ve heard AB say that he will always respect Floyd as a great fighter.

AB claims he’s never done a drug a day in his life, but I’m not sure I believe that.

In my opinion, AB needs to stop trying to be a rapper and consider a comedy career because some of his answers in the clip below had me rolling.

Most of his answers sound embellished, but his delivery is extremely comical to me.

Watch AB talk about his arrest and being banned from the MGM below:

Do you believe AB will get his life together and return back to boxing?