A heart-wrenching incident in Muncie, Indiana has left a mother, Aaliyah Lykins, facing serious charges following the tragic death of her newborn daughter. 

This devastating event marks the second time within three years that a child under Lykins’ care has passed away.

According to details from court documents obtained by People, Lykins now faces charges of reckless homicide and neglect of a dependent. 

The incident unfolded on October 9, 2023, as Aaliyah Lykins was nursing her two-week-old baby in bed. 

Tragically, she reportedly drifted off to sleep, only to awaken to her infant daughter in cardiac arrest, as outlined in a probable cause affidavit shared by Fox59, McClatchy News, and The Star Press.

First responders rushed to the scene, where they found the baby not breathing. 

Despite their efforts, the newborn was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a nearby hospital, as detailed in the affidavit.

The affidavit also reveals a haunting detail: authorities noted that Lykins was fully cognizant of the risks associated with co-sleeping, as she had previously experienced the loss of another child in similar circumstances. 

Sadly, this recent tragedy occurred approximately two years after the death of Aaliyah Lykins’ two-month-old son during co-sleeping, according to records accessed by McClatchy News.

Witnesses recounted Lykins’ heartbreaking reaction upon realizing the gravity of the situation. 

Oh no, I did it again,” Lykins reportedly lamented to EMS personnel, underscoring the profound anguish of the moment.

Although charges were not brought against Aaliyah Lykins following the 2020 incident, the affidavit indicates that she acknowledged her lapse in judgment to officers at the time, admitting that she recognized the inherent danger of placing her son in bed with her.

Aaliyah Lykins mugshot 2020

In another concerning development, police records reveal that Aaliyah Lykins faced arrest and charges related to domestic battery and leaving the scene of a traffic accident resulting in serious bodily injury back in June 2020.

The incident reportedly unfolded amidst a heated dispute with her boyfriend, during which Lykins purportedly struck him with her car before fleeing the scene. 

It’s a troubling turn of events, made even more distressing by the fact that Aaliyah Lykins was six months pregnant at the time.

This heartbreaking case serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of safe sleeping practices for infants and the devastating consequences that can result from negligence in this regard.

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Source: People 

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