Whoopi Goldberg, who is home recovering from a breakthrough case of COVID-19, checked in with the ladies of “The View” on Wednesday looking absolutely flawless.

First things first – I live for her “Over It” sweater! I feel that in my soul.

While chatting with the ladies, Whoopi shared that was shocked when she tested positive for COVID-19, but she is triple vaxxed and is doing well.

She went on to say that the toughest part about all of this is the isolation of quarantining.

But, she reassured everyone that she is fine being at home because she has a “nice house.”

Watch her check-in below.

Social media took a collective sigh after having confirmation that Whoopi Goldberg is fine as she recovers.

Peep a few tweets below.

Whoopi is expected to be back on Monday!

Sending her love and prayers.