A crazed gunman on the back of a scooter fired shots into a Bronx, New York playground on March 12, 2021, while kids were playing.

The shooting took place at Magenta Playground at 3330 Olinville Ave. in the Bronx.

The video footage was released last week, and it shows the gunman, wearing a gray hoodie, approach the park on the back of a scooter on a street parallel to the park and firing off shots hitting three parked vehicles.

You can see people running away in the video footage. Thankfully no one was injured, but the shooter and the accomplice are still at large.

Last week the mayor announced an expansion of the Cure Violence Initiative, which is made up of mostly young adults from the community trained to intervene and disrupt violence before it happens, viewing crime as a public health issue.

Anyone with any leads on the shooter or the accomplice have been asked to call the police.

See the ABC7NY news report below:

What kind of clown shoots up a playground?

Source: ABC7NY