50 Cent recently appeared on “The Breakfast Club” and revealed that comedian Mo’Nique encouraged him to squash his beef with Floyd Mayweather at a comedy show.

50 said the encounter took place during Super Bowl LVI weekend, and he jokingly said he believes Floyd Mayweather bought out rapper T.I.‘s comedy set, implying that only Floyd’s Money Team was in attendance to watch T.I.’s comedy show.

I think he bought all the rows to the show because ah!… T.I. was on it doing the comedy stuff, but they just gave me some seats.

He said when Mo’Nique came up to perform she spent 10 minutes of her set telling him and Floyd to stop beefing with each other.

He said when he and Floyd spoke Floyd asked him why it took him so long to pull up on him and why was he saying all that stuff about him.

50 Cent didn’t go into detail about his responses, but he went off on several other different tangents.

Watch the video from “The Breakfast Club” below:

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