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50 Cent took to social media to offer T.I. some advice, “You gotta chill.”

Clifford took to the streets of Instagram on Monday and requested that people keep their beefs in their own cities.

He added, “Stop coming here to kill each other.”

The assumption was T.I. was referring to the shooting death of Chicago rapper King Von, who was killed in Atlanta early Friday morning.

When the virtual streets began to heat up and folks, including Von’s sister, called Tip out, he returned to social media to clean up his original post by saying he was not in any way referring to the slain rapper.


Based on the comments…people aren’t buying it.

T.I. comments

50 Cent entered the conversation and advised T.I. to “chill” and reminded him “it’s quiet time.”

@troubleman31 you gotta chill, you bugging for saying anything. They got casualties this is real shit, i don’t know what you was thinking but re think it now. They are hurting, they love that boy he was a way out. I bet you don’t even realize they will kill you for what you just said. ?‍♂️what hood you from again? come on now it’s quiet time. ?

Who knew Curtis was able to identify when it’s “quiet time.” I’m impressed.

See his original post below, which includes a post from Von’s sister.


T.I. is intelligent enough to know based on the timing and context of his post it would appear he was talking about King Von.

C’mon Kang…