50 Cent put on his petty pants and took to the streets of Instagram to call out Starz for their continuity issues in their new series, “Run The World.

The rapper turned entertainment mogul pointed out a particular scene where Andrea Bordeaux‘s earrings were playing peek-a-boo.

Curtis wrote:

From Executive producer Curtis 50Cent jackson. STARZ ???????????? need me LOL EARRINGs, No Earrings EARRINGs, No Earrings, No Earrings EARRINGS. LMAO

See his original post below.


50 Cent and Starz have such a weird and complicated relationship.

But, it’s not lost on me that he would pick apart a show that stars four talented and beautiful Black women.

Bresha Webb, who also stars in the series, responded to the post by thanking him for watching and paying attention.

My biggest pet peeve is continuity issues in TV and film, however, issues or not…”Run The World” is a great show.

Check it out if you haven’t done so already!

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