5 Officers Fired & 3 Suspended From A La Vergne, Tennessee Police Department Over A Sex Scandal

According to an investigative report from the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee, six male officers admitted to participating in sexual encounters on and off the clock with a female officer.

Five of the officers were fired, and three were suspended from the La Vergne Police Department, as a result, of the scandal.

Fired Officers (1st row left to right):

  • Patrol Officer – Megan Hall
  • Patrol Officer – Juan Lugo Perez
  • Sergeant – Lewis Powell
  • Detective – Seneca Shields
  • Sergeant – Henry Ty McGowan

Suspended Officers (last row left to right):

  • Canine Officer – Larry Holladay
  • Patrol Officer – Patrick Magliocco
  • Patrol Officer – Gavin Shoeberl

Female Officer Megan Hall was intimately involved with multiple officers on her shift while on and off the job.

The investigation began on December 12, based on a source telling Mayor Jason Cole that Officer Hall was having relationships with some of her coworkers.

According to investigative reports, various sexual encounters between the officers took place, including alcohol-fueled escapades and the sharing of nude photos.

The report also states that football watch parties were held where officers drove under the influence of alcohol, kissed, and discussed having threesomes with Officer Hall.

The report referenced an off-the-clock encounter at a hotel following an outing at the Go Kart USA center.

One encounter, described as a “hot tub party” in the report, allegedly took place on Sergeant Eric Staats’ houseboat, where Officer Hall’s bikini top came off while drinking with others. Allegedly, a sexual encounter took place in the bathroom of the boat.

According to the report, Officers Powell, Magliocco, Holloday, Shields, and Lugo-Perez admitted to engaging in sexual acts with Officer Hall.

She admitted to having sexual encounters with the five officers, as well as McGowan.

Officer Powell lied about his encounters with Officer Hall at first, but he later confessed, per the report.

Some of the officers expressed concerns for Officer Hall’s mental health because of an alleged incident where she “unloaded her weapon and dry fired the gun at her head.”

LVPD Police Chief Burrel “Chip” Davis released the following statement on Monday (January 9), per CBS News:

This is a difficult situation for our department and for the city, but I want to be clear that the actions of a few do not represent this department as a whole.

La Vergne Alderman Kara Hobbs told WTVF News that she is “shocked and overall disappointed” by the officers’ alleged conduct, and that “there’s definitely going to be a time period where we are really going to have to emphasize rebuilding the trust of our community.”

According to the Rutherford County District Attorney, there was no evidence of criminal activity.

Watch the WKRN News 2 report below:

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Source: People

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