Gayle King‘s exclusive interview with Megan Thee Stallion aired on “CBS Mornings” on Monday and it was not only interesting but eye-opening.

For the first time, Megan detailed the night she was allegedly shot by Tory Lanez and opened up about the details surrounding the shooting as well as the aftermath.

Below I have highlighted 5 talking points that I’m sure will be burning up the streets of social media.

What led up to the shooting:

It was an argument because I was ready to go and everybody else wasn’t ready to go. But that’s, like, normal friend stuff. 

Like, we fuss about silly sh– silly stuff all the time. But I never put my hands on anybody. I never raised my voice too loud. Like, this was one of them times where it was, like, it shouldn’t have got this crazy.

What happened during the shooting:

And all I hear is this man screaming. And he said, ‘Dance, bitch.’ And he started shooting. And I’m just like, ‘Oh, my God.’

Like, he shot a couple of times. And I was so scared.

He is standin’ up over the window shooting. And I didn’t even want to move. I didn’t want to move too quick. 

Like, ’cause I’m like, ‘Oh, my God. If I take the wrong step, I don’t know if he’s gonna shoot something that’s, like, super important. I don’t know if he could shoot me and kill me.’ 

I was really scared ’cause I had never been shot at before.

Tory allegedly offered Megan $1M after shooting her:

He’s apologizing like, ‘I’m so sorry. Please don’t tell nobody. I’ll give y’all a million dollars if y’all don’t say nothing. 

I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? Why are you offering me money right now?! Help me! If you’re sorry, help me!’ 

Why she lied about stepping on glass:

I didn’t want them [the police] to kill any of us or shoot any of us.

So, I just said I stepped on glass. 

For some reason I was just trying to protect all of us because I didn’t want them to kill us. 

Even though this person just did this to me my first reaction still was to save us. 

I didn’t want to see anybody die.

Megan Thee Stallion says she did not have a sexual relationship with Tory Lanez:

We were not dating. 

We were really close. We were friends. We hung out like every day. 

His mom passed to so I felt like we were bonding over that. 

Ummm, I didn’t have a sexual relationship with Tory.

Watch the full interview below.

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