Summer Walker‘s highly anticipated sophomore album, Still Over It, has arrived and “4th Baby Mama” has set the streets of Twitter ablaze.

In the song, Summer begins by dragging London on da Track‘s mama:

I wanna start with yo mama, she should've whooped yo ass
Know you ain't sh*t, but she don't care 'cause you lit
Paying for trips cars, bags and bought the crib
But she ain't never call you out, 'cause she like the way that she live
But that some foul sh*t, she wasn't even around when, you ain't have no money (Money)
That's why I find it funny (Funny)
I guess that guilt hit hard, being gonе for so long
That's why she makes excusеs for all your wrongs
Now what's the point in keep on having kids?
If she just gone be raising them, that's just pure laziness
Ion get it is you tryna keep up with Thug? Is you racing him?
Crazy how you really think that sh*t's cute, be embracing it, oh
It really don't get no worse than you, 'cause you ain't even got the nerve, to stand up on yo word
Oh, no-no-no, uh
Oh, no-no-no, huh?

Get into the lyric video for “4th Baby Mama” below.

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