Three search warrants were signed by a judge on October 19 to access Deshaun Watson’s social media accounts.

The warrants contain allegations from nine women who claim Deshaun Watson coerced them into sexual encounters.

The crime being investigated on all three warrants is listed as indecent assault, according to Houston police.

The warrants will allow access to Watson’s social media accounts, including all platforms owned by Facebook, such as Instagram.

The warrants also allow access to Watson’s Cash App.

The Cash App warrant allow investigators to seize transaction recipients, account holder records, such as history statements and IP addresses, a description of the transactions and the location of all devices involved dating back to September 1, 2019 to January 1, 2021.

The social media warrant allow investigators access to chat logs, friends, followers, and following lists, messages, including text and multi-media messages in spam, archived and other mail folders and search history, dating back to September 1, 2019 to January 1, 2021.

One of the lawsuits, from the 22 plaintiffs, accused Watson of deleting Instagram messages, therefore, investigators are also pursuing access to deleted information.

Deshaun Watson has not been charged, and he cannot be deposed until  after Feb. 22, 2022.

“The matter remains under review of the personal conduct policy,” according to the NFL.

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It is unclear why this news broke yesterday (December 17) and the warrants were signed back in October, but it could be to muffle the other story that broke recently about 18 of the 22 plaintiffs agreeing to settle with Watson in late October (2021).

Miami Dolphin’s owner Stephen Ross wanted to trade with the Houston Texans for Watson in October, but only if he resolved all of his pending civil actions with his 22 plaintiffs.

According to sources, 18 of the 22 plaintiffs were willing to settle with Watson in late October, but the four holdouts prevented the deal from being done.

Sources: NBC Sports and abc13