The Chi” Season 6 Episode 2 was released on Friday, August 11, and fans of the series have taken to their timelines to share their reactions.

Mo’ Douda, Mo’ Problems

In the episode titled, “Mo’ Douda, Mo’ Problems,” Emmett and Kiesha take a big leap while Shaad launches a new business with Deja’s help. 

Jamal returns to town on a mission. 

Papa struggles with his faith and Pastor Stanley’s interference. 

Rob and Tiff make a potentially life-altering connection.

Twitter Reacts To ‘The Chi’ Season 6 Episode 2

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What Is “The Chi” Season 6 About? 

Big dreams are finally realized but at a cost and everyone will be tested in unimaginable ways as they calculate the risks and rewards of their next big move. 

Emmett (Jacob Latimore) and Kiesha’s (Birgundi Baker) blissful blended union is tested by his insatiable drive to expand Smokey’s and a new perilous partnership, while Kiesha finally races toward a rewarding new career. 

Douda (Curtiss Cook) deals with the fallout of Q’s murder and its effect on the shifting loyalty of his inner circle. 

Victor’s (Luke James) bold declaration of love for both his new girlfriend and his beloved community will impact his political ambitions. 

Happily married Jada (Yolonda Ross) mentors Emmett and her besties as they navigate relationships. 

Kevin (Alex Hibbert) is becoming a brilliant master gamer but struggles with the youthful pitfalls of early independence. 

Jake (Michael V. Epps) launches a new business, and Papa (Shamon Brown Jr.) falls for an older woman while questioning his faith.

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