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31 Totally Accurate Tweets About D’Angelo & Friends Verzuz

Fans tuned in to D’Angelo & Friends Verzuz on Saturday night and it was heavy on the fur and light on the friends.

Method Man and Redman came through for a few ticks and then went on about their way.

At some point, fans began to build hope and anticipate a surprise appearance from Lauryn Hill to perform her classic duet, “Nothing Even Matters,” with D’Angelo to save the shindig.

Unfortunately, we all realized it was a dream deferred when H.E.R. arrived, in all of her talented glory, to perform the song with D.

Despite our love for H.E.R., a wave of disappoint washed over the streets of Twitter.

Peep the tweets below:


Overall, D’Angelo & Friends wasn’t a total disappointment.

Despite starting nearly an hour late. D’s tunes are undeniable.

Peep more tweets about tonight’s show below:


Did you enjoy the show?

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