Cissy Saint is home y’all! “Snowfall” Episode 4 aired on Wednesday (March 9) and it offered a sweet reunion, a baby announcement, and an awkward family dinner!

The episode, titled “Revolutions,” is a slow burn as Cissy returns from Cuba to someone living in her home, her son expecting his first child, and Franklin and Aunt Louie beefing.

But, Cissy has an agenda…to avenge her husband by facilitating the death of Teddy.

Dusty Officer Buckley tried it by raiding the projects in an effort to force Aunt Louie’s hand to snitch on someone so that he can look like a superstar at work.

But, that raid has ignited the inner revolutionary in Leon and I can tell you with full confidence that this isn’t going to end well.

Leon has the eye of the tiger, fresh braids, and high-grade weaponry.

Meanwhile, back at the house, an expectant Veronique has some questions for Franklin regarding their safety after he pussy-footed around his convo with Cissy about Teddy.

But, enough of my Great Value recap…read 21 totally accurate tweets about the episode below.

What are your thoughts on “Snowfall” Episode 4?

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