Over two decades after the tragic shooting of Run-D.M.C. legend Jam Master Jay in his recording studio, two individuals closely associated with him were found guilty of murder on Tuesday. 

This verdict represents a significant milestone for authorities who have been eagerly awaiting closure in one of the hip-hop community’s most elusive cases.

A Brooklyn federal jury, whose members chose to remain anonymous, convicted Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Washington of the murder of the influential DJ, whose real name is Jason Mizell, in 2002. 

Prosecutors argued that the motive behind the killing was retaliation for a failed drug deal.

After Tuesday’s verdict, Breon Peace, the top federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, addressed reporters, shedding light on the lengthy process leading to the indictment and arrest of the defendants, stating, “It’s no mystery why it took years to indict and arrest the defendants.” 

He continued, noting, “Key witnesses were terrified that they would be retaliated against if they cooperated with law enforcement.”

Peace emphasized the bravery of the witnesses, stating, “Their strength and resolve in testifying at this trial were a triumph of right over wrong and courage over fear.


Karl Jordan Jr. is Jam Master Jay’s godson, and Ronald Washington, a longtime friend, was living with Jay’s sister at the time of the shooting on October 30, 2002.

Both men were arrested in 2020 and pleaded not guilty.

Following the guilty verdict, Washington yelled at the jury, “Y’all just killed two innocent people!

Jordan’s supporters also erupted and began cursing at the jury. 

U.S. Marshalls quickly intervened to regain order in the courtroom. 

Watch the news report below.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Mizell family.

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