2 Chainz dropped his new album, For The Love Of God, today and he released the official music video for “Can’t Go For That” featuring Lil Duval.

The song contains a sample from the classic Hall and Oates hit, “Can’t Go For That.”

Hall and Oates is a pop-rock duo who were big in the 70s and 80s. “Can’t Go For That” was one of their biggest hits in 1981.

Millennials do your Googles!

The video starts with band manager Lil Duval talking about the problem he’s having with the band members. Turns out 2 Chainz plays every member of the band.

The video is somewhat reminiscent of Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” video.

After watching the original Hall and Oates video, I believe 2 Chainz tried to recreate the Hall and Oates video with his personal swag added to it.

Watch 2 Chainz “Can’t Go For That” video below:

Watch the original Hall and Oates “Can’t Go For That” video below:

Are you scooping or scrapping 2 Chainz “Can’t Go For That” video?

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