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Here is our list of 19 great shows, documentaries, and movies to watch this November on Netflix that we think you will enjoy!

Sally McNeil and Ray McNeil in Killer Sally

Killer Sally | November 2

Killer Sally” is the story of bodybuilding’s most notorious crime. 

On Valentine’s Day 1995, national bodybuilding champion, Ray McNeil, was choking his bodybuilder wife, Sally, when she grabbed a gun and fatally shot him twice. 

With a documented history of domestic abuse, Sally claimed it was self-defense, a split-second decision to save her life. 

The prosecution argued it was premeditated murder, the revenge of a jealous and aggressive wife. They called her a “thug,” a “bully,” and a “monster”. 

The media referred to her as the “brawny bride” and the “pumped-up princess”. 

Sally says she spent her life doing whatever it took to survive, caught in a cycle of violence that began in childhood and ended with Ray’s death. 

This complex true crime story examines domestic violence, gender roles, and the world of bodybuilding. 

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Blockbuster Key Art - Netflix

Blockbuster | November 3

Timmy Yoon (Randall Park) is an analog dreamer in a 5G world. He’s spent his entire adult life dedicated to his first love, movies — a passion that’s kept him at his first and only job, managing his hometown Blockbuster Video.

Then Timmy is alarmed to learn that his store is officially the last Blockbuster in America. He now has no choice but to take action to stay open and keep his friends employed.

Timmy and his staff quickly come to realize that being home to the last Blockbuster might actually be exactly what their community needs to rekindle the human connections they lost to the digital age.

It also unexpectedly reunites him with his long-time crush Eliza (Melissa Fumero), who’s recently come back to work for him.

Will this battle to preserve the past be the push Timmy needs to step into the present? His employees can only hope so.

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Enola Holmes 2 Key Art

Enola Holmes 2 | November 4

Fresh off the triumph of solving her first case, Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) follows in the footsteps of her famous brother, Sherlock (Henry Cavill), and opens her own agency — only to find that life as a female detective-for-hire isn’t as easy as it seems.

Resigned to accept the cold realities of adulthood, she is about to close shop when a penniless matchstick girl offers Enola her first official job: to find her missing sister.

But this case proves to be far more puzzling than expected, as Enola is thrown into a dangerous new world — from London’s sinister factories and colorful music halls, to the highest echelons of society and 221B Baker Street itself.

As the sparks of a deadly conspiracy ignite, Enola must call upon the help of friends — and Sherlock himself — to unravel her mystery. The game, it seems, has found its feet again!

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Neal Brennan: Blocks
Credit: Terence Patrick/Netflix

Neal Brennan: Blocks | November 8

In his newest comedy special, Neal Brennan moves physical blocks around the stage in order to explain the emotional and cultural issues that make him feel like something’s wrong with him.

From his complicated relationship with his dog Keith, drugs and alcohol, liberalism and his slim chances of finding real everlasting love, Brennan gives the audience an honest and hilarious look inside his psyche.

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The Soccer Movie Key Art - Netflix

The Soccer Football Movie | November 9

Four young soccer superfans team up to help their idols regain their abilities after a scheming evil scientist steals their talent.

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The Crown Season 5 - Netflix

The Crown Season 5 | November 9

Inspired by real events, this fictional dramatization tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and personal events that shaped her reign.

It’s a new decade, and the royal family are facing what may be their biggest challenge yet: proving their continued relevance in ‘90s Britain. As Diana and Charles wage a media war, cracks begin to splinter the royal foundation.

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State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith Trailer

State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith | November 10

This documentary tells the harrowing story of Brittany Smith, a woman trying to use Alabama’s Stand Your Ground law after killing Todd Smith, a man she says brutally attacked her.

If you are not familiar with this case – spoilers are ahead.

Brittany ended up taking a plea deal in the case the day before her trial was set to begin for the January 16, 2018 murder.

If convicted, Brittany faced up to life in prison.

She ended up serving 18 months in Jackson County Jail.

Brittany Smith was released from jail in May 2021 and placed on house arrest for another 18 months. 

In November 2021, Brittany was back in jail for violating the terms of probation on October 27, 2021, by going to her kid’s Trunk-or-Treat event after her probation officer denied her request to attend.

It was the second time she had violated the terms of her probation and Brittany was recommended to receive a 45-day jail sentence.

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Capturing A Killer Nurse - Netflix

Capturing The Killer Nurse | November 11

Charlie Cullen was an experienced registered nurse, trusted and beloved by his colleagues at Somerset Medical Center in New Jersey.

He was also one of history’s most prolific serial killers, with a body count potentially numbering in the hundreds across multiple medical facilities in the Northeast.

Based on The Good Nurse, the best-selling book written by Charles Graeber – to be dramatized in a Netflix feature film starring Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, premiering this fall – this documentary uses interviews with the nurses who blew the whistle on their coworker, the detectives who cracked the case, and audio from Cullen himself as it unravels the twisted path to his conviction.

Trailer Coming Soon

Is That Black Enough for You?!? Key Art - Netflix

Is That Black Enough For You?? | November 11

From celebrated writer and film historian Elvis Mitchell, “IS THAT BLACK ENOUGH FOR YOU?!?” is both a documentary and a deeply personal essay. 

The film examines the craft and power of cinema from a perspective often overlooked: the African American contribution to films released from the landmark era of the 70s. 

It is a deep dive into the impact that point of view had on movies, as well as popular culture, and serves as a love letter to film, posing questions that have never been asked, let alone answered. 

Crucial artistic voices, including directors Charles Burnett, Samuel L. Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Laurence Fishburne, Zendaya, and others, offer their distinctive prism on the creators and films that dazzled and inspired. 

The film provides insight into the history of Black representation going back to the earliest days of cinema, and the cultural impact of witnessing unapologetic Blackness. 

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Jonah Hill - Stutz
Courtesy of Netflix

Stutz | November 14

Meet Jonah Hill’s friend and therapist, Phil Stutz. Directed by Hill, this film invites you to explore Dr. Stutz’s Tools for life in an effort to get real, get personal, and get better.

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Deon Cole - Charleen's Boy

Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy | November 15

Getting old may be the goal, but the road there is comically difficult.

In his second Netflix original comedy special, which is dedicated to his late mother, Deon Cole hilariously shares his advice on how to navigate life and dating in today’s society.

Trailer Coming Soon

Dead To Me Season 3 - Christina Applegate - Linda Cardellini
Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Dead To Me Season 3 | November 17

Jen and Judy return for the third and final season.

In the aftermath of yet another hit and run, both women receive shocking news, and are ready to risk their lives for a friendship that’s above the law.

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Pepsi Where's My Jet Netflix

Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? | November 17

The year was 1996, and the cola wars were raging. Pepsi needed something huge to compete with Coke so they rolled out their biggest campaign ever: “Pepsi Stuff” It featured a soon-to-be infamous commercial that claimed for 7,000,000 Pepsi points you could win a Harrier Jet (one of the most advanced military jets of the time).

Pepsi execs assumed the astronomical “price” of the military plane was set high enough to indicate it was a joke, but ambitious & cunning college student John Leonard saw it as a challenge.

Enlisting the help (and funding) of mountaineering buddy Todd Hoffman, the 21-year-old hashed out a plan to score the grandest prize of all.

What ensues is an outrageous goose chase for the infamous Harrier Jet and a legal battle with Pepsi that changed advertising forever.

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I Am Vanessa Guillen - Netflix

I Am Vanessa Guillen | November 17

U.S. Army soldier Vanessa Guillén always dreamed of joining the military, but once she was stationed at Fort Hood, everything shattered: In 2020, after telling her mother she was being sexually harassed on base, Guillén was murdered by a fellow soldier.

Her story sparked an international movement of assault victims demanding justice, and this bracing, candid film follows her family’s fight for historic military reform, a journey that takes them all the way to Congress and the Oval Office.

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Slumberland Key Art - Netflix

Slumberland | November 18

Welcome to Slumberland, the world of dreams!

Jason Momoa plays “Flip” an eccentric outlaw on a mission to help a young girl (Marlow Barkley) travel through dreams and flee nightmares, in hopes of reuniting with her father.

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Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would
Credit: Matt Wilson/Netflix

Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would | November 22

Emmy-winning comedian Trevor Noah talks learning German, speaking ill of the dead, judging people in horror movies and ordering Indian food in Scotland.

Trailer Coming Soon

Wednesday Addams cast
Courtesy of Netflix

Wednesday Addams | November 23

The series is a sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy.

Wednesday’s attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized the local town, and solve the supernatural mystery that embroiled her parents 25 years ago — all while navigating her new and very tangled relationships at Nevermore.

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Ghislaine Maxwell_ Filthy Rich Key Art - Netflix

Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich | November 25

Discover the monster behind the monster. From filmmakers behind Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich go beyond the headlines of the Ghislaine Maxwell case to tell the definitive story of Epstein’s mysterious accomplice, illuminating how her class and privilege concealed her predatory nature.

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Blood and Water Season 3

Blood & Water Season 3 | November 25

As another year begins at Parkhurst, Puleng and Fiks search for a lost loved one — but their perseverance could be putting them in grave danger.

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