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A 17-year-old Michigan high school student, who wishes to remain anonymous, was forced to take her SAT test in person around other students, and shortly after taking the test she caught COVID-19.

The 17-year-old requested permission to skip taking the test in person because she feared catching COVID-19 and taking it home to her mother, who is high-risk.

Bloomfield Hills High School told her she would not graduate unless she took the SAT test in person, which state officials confirmed that was a lie.

Michigan has no requirement that students take the SAT or any other test to earn a diploma.

Feeling pressure from the school she wore two masks, one over the other, and she took the test along with most of her classmates on Sept. 23.

Soon after she tested positive for COVID-19 along with two of her friends that took the SAT on the same day. All three girls had similar symptoms, and they caught the virus within 12 hours of each other.

The 17-year-old girl experienced severe fatigue and isolated for almost two months in her bedroom to protect her mother.

Her mother did not catch the virus, and the 17-year-old still doesn’t have her scores back.

She had already been accepted to four Michigan universities: Michigan State, Eastern Michigan, Wayne State, and Oakland, without submitting her scores.

Colleges and universities across the nation have waived requirements for applicants to submit test scores for students seeking placement in 2021. Some institutions waived test scores through 2022.

The girl and her family wanted to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation from classmates and school officials, but they wanted their story to be heard to warn others not to be pressured to take college entrance exams during a Pandemic.

Source: New York Post and USA Today

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