The “Snowfall” Season 5 finale airs on Wednesday (April 20) on FX Networks and I’m not ready.

Fresh off of their nuptials, Aunt Louie and Uncle Jerome done double-crossed Franklin in a major way and went directly to Teddy for their product.

The betrayal prompted Franklin Saint to turn in his dope game resignation to Teddy effective immediately, but we all know it’s not going to be that easy.

Buckley had ONE JOB and that was to kill Kane, but Officer Crackhead failed to get it done. (In my Judge Mathis voice)

Now, the family is facing inevitable retaliation.

Leon is deadset on going to the motherland and he wants Wanda by his side.

Cissy still running around with the KGB and where TF is Peaches?!

Snowfall” co-creator Dave Andron took to Twitter with a message for fans of the series:

To the #snowfallfx fam, tonight we start the path to the endgame.

We hope you’ve had some fun along the way bc from here sh*t’s gotta get serious… like the poster once said: It ain’t no fairy tale.

To all the Day Ones, you made this show what it is, and we’re forever grateful❤️

See his original tweet below.

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What are your season finale predictions?