12 Totally Accurate Tweets About DaBaby Name-Dropping JoJo Siwa

DaBaby is trending in the streets of social media after he called 17-year-old kid sensation JoJo Siwa out of her name in his “Beatbox” freestyle.

In the song, he raps:

Usin' big words like I'm T.I. (Turn up)
Don't wanna get me started, n***a
Turn me up, n***as gon' see why
N***a, you a b**ch, JoJo Siwa (B**ch)

Check out the song and video below:

Folks have taken to the streets of Twitter in confusion – wondering what JoJo did to deserve to catch a stray from DaBaby.

Peep the tweets below.

DaBaby is taking it all in stride and I’m sure he’s loving the extra attention.

Between this and Meek Mill…it’s been a bad week for rap punchlines.


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