Red Table Talk” is back for a new season and Niecy Nash was the first guest to pull up a chair and spill tea.

The comedian, host, and “Claws” star gave the scoop on her relationship with her hersband, Jessica Betts.

Below you find 11 things I learned while watching their fun, interesting, and candid convo at the red table.

  • Willow Smith has a new tattoo.
  • Jada Pinkett-Smith was “infatuated” with two women in her twenty-something tenderoni days.
  • Gammy has always had an interest in having a threesome and even discussed it with her husband. But, she feels like it’s too late in her life to be experimental.
  • Niecy Nash married her first husband, Don Nash because she was looking for a savior after experiencing a lot of childhood trauma.
  • Niecy married her second husband, Jay Tucker because she was looking for a partnership and she wanted to be married.
  • Jessica is the first woman Niecy has ever been with in her life.
  • Jessica Betts said, “I love you,” first.
  • Niecy confirms she and Jessica were not in a relationship while she was still married to Jay.
  • Jessica was not Niecy’s wedding singer when she married Jay Tucker.
  • Jessica Betts was raised COGIC and her grandmother, Pastor Jessie Pearl, was the first Black female preacher on the Southside of Chicago.
  • Niecy Nash says Jessica Betts is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Watch the interview in full below: