Cardi B took the stand in a federal courtroom on Thursday (January 13) in her libel trial against Tasha K.

In March 2019, Cardi filed a defamation lawsuit against the popular blogger and YouTube star, who claimed the Grammy Award-winning artist is a drug addict, a former prostitute, and a gang member with Herpes.

Tasha filed a $3 million countersuit against Cardi that was ultimately thrown out.

During her testimony on Thursday, Cardi B broke down in tears as she told the court, “I wanted to commit suicide over the things” Tasha was saying about her.

She also told the court, “I felt defeated and depressed and I didn’t want to sleep with my husband.”

When her attorney asked how she felt about Tasha K after seeing her posts online, Cardi B said:

I felt like only a demon could do that sh*t.

Cardi testified for about 20 minutes before the court took a break for lunch.

Dennis Byron, the founder of Hip Hop Enquirer, was in the courtroom covering the trial.

He took to Instagram to share details from the trial.

Watch below.

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