Tamar Braxton Joins The ‘Savage Challenge,” Megan Thee Stallion Asks Someone To Help Her (Video)

The Coronavirus quarantine has sparked a surge of online shenanigans and challenges including the “Savage Challenge.”

On Sunday, Tamar Braxton joined the tomfoolery by offering her own Instagram video of her doing the “Savage Challenge.”

The singer and reality TV star captioned the video:

The only part I had was the nasty part ???????‍♀️ I need DWTS again cause right now I’m Becky ??‍♀️

See Tay Tay’s original post below:

Megan Thee Stallion was absolutely amused when she saw Tamar’s video. She also put up the bat signal for someone to go help out her “big sister.”

Y’all ? somebody please go teach my big sister the dance ??? @tamarbraxton #savagechallenge

See her post:

Too funny!


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