On a recent episode of “Central Ave.,” Snoop Dogg gave his opinion on Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion’s hit single, “WAP,” and when Offset caught wind of it he took the opportunity to respond.

Although I understand Snoop’s opinion of W.A.P. it comes across as very contradictory. He said himself if he was of a younger mindset then he probably would be with the song, but since he is an older gentleman he wants younger girls to value themselves. Does Snoop listen to his own music?…

I’m pretty sure you understand my contradictory point now.

Watch the video below:

TMZ wasted no time letting Offset know what Snoop said, but Offset had a very logical and respectable response.

Watch Offset’s response video below:

I’m with Offset on this one. Rap is an over-sexualized industry and men have been capitalizing off of it for years. Why is it a problem when women do it?

Like Offset said the song has a women empowerment element to it, and it can’t be that bad because it is a mega-hit.

How do you feel about Snoop’s opinion of W.A.P.?