Jaylen Johnson Fatally Shoots His Mother Believing She Was An Intruder: ‘He Hasn’t Stopped...

Jaylen Johnson, 25, accidentally shot and killed his mother thinking she was an intruder trying to break into their home.
Bishop Lamor Whitehead convicted fraud, extortion, making false statements

‘Bling Bishop’ Lamor Whitehead Convicted Of Fraud, Attempted Extortion, & Lying To FBI

Brooklyn’s “Bling Bishop” Lamor Whitehead was convicted on Monday of fraud, attempted extortion, and lying to the FBI. 

2 Men Convicted In 2002 Killing Of Run-D.M.C. Legend Jam Master Jay 

Over 20 years after the killing of Run-D.M.C. legend Jam Master Jay, two men closely associated with her were found guilty of his murder.

Aaliyah Lykins Charged With Homicide After Her 2nd Baby Dies To Co-Sleeping

Aaliyah Lykins, a Muncie, Indiana mother, is facing serious charges following the tragic death of her newborn daughter. 

Darryl George: Judge Rules Texas School Did Not Violate CROWN Act

Darryl George's suspension case faces setback after a judge rules Texas school did not violate the CROWN Act. Appeals planned.

15 Twitter Reactions To Fani Willis’ Disqualification Hearing Testimony

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is trending after taking the stand on Thursday to testify in her misconduct hearing. 

Nkechi Diallo, Formerly Rachel Dolezal, Loses Teaching Job Over OnlyFans

Rachel Dolezal, who legally changed her name to Nkechi Diallo, is trending on Twitter after she lost her teaching job over her OnlyFans page. 

Shamar Leggette: Suspect In Bishop Lamor Whitehead Robbery Shot & Killed By U.S. Marshals

Shamar Leggette, one of three suspects wanted in the 2022 robbery of Bishop Lamar Whitehead, was shot and killed by U.S. Marshals.

Dexter King, Son Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Passes Away At 62

Dexter King, the youngest son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has died at the age of 62 after a 'valiant battle with prostate cancer.'
Alec Baldwin involuntary manslaughter rust halyna hutchins

Alec Baldwin Indicted On Involuntary Manslaughter Charge In ‘Rust’ Shooting

Alec Baldwin has been charged with one count of involuntary manslaughter in the death of 'Rust' cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.