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Miguel A. Nunez Jr. was arrested for shoplifting groceries.

The 55-year-old actor went grocery shopping at a Ralphs supermarket in Los Angeles earlier this week and when his credit card declined, he allegedly just walked out of the store with his groceries.

He returned to the store a few days later to pay for the $200 in groceries, but he was not allowed in the store and the cops were called.

Miguel was placed under a citizen’s arrest and when LAPD arrived they cited him for misdemeanor shoplifting and released him.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, Los Angeles police are not booking people for minor offenses. The citation still counts as an arrest.

According to Miguel A. Nunez Jr., he was NOT shoplifting. He claims the line was extremely long and because of social distancing, he decided to leave and come back later to pay for the groceries.

Who gone tell him that’s SHOPLIFTING?!

Source: TMZ