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Yung Berg, aka Hitmaka, is speaking out after a woman, who claimed to be his girlfriend, accused the former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star and producer of brutally pistol-whipping her over the weekend.

Berg, real name Christian Ward, took to social media on Tuesday and released a statement from his attorney that is telling a completely different story.

According to the press release from the Law Offices of Shepard S. Kopp, Hitmaka was the “victim of a planned and coordinated home invasion robbery and assault.”

The alleged victim, Talia Tilley, came to Hitmaka’s home around 3:40 am and suggested they get in the hot tub. Berg declined.

Talia Tilley
Talia Tilley

After an intimate encounter, Talia allegedly made a “calculated, unprovoked attacked” on Berg, repeatedly slapping and punching him. He acted in self-defense.

During the attack, Hitmaka’s security alarm went off. The Ring captured video of two armed men jumping the fence to get into his backyard with a third man on the lookout.

They were unable to get into the back door because it was secured with a heavy chain. The assailants then made their way to the front door and tried to kick it in.

When Hitmaka looked at Talia’s phone, he saw that she had shared her location and had been in contact with an unknown person. The person was calling and texting her before, during, and after the home invasion attempt.

In addition to releasing the press release from his attorney, Berg also shared the Ring video on Instagram with the following statement:

On Saturday 4:30am three gunmen made an attempt on my life & home invasion.

I have all the surveillance footage which some I’m posting & also other evidence needed. I retained legal council & decided that with this matter which I’m totally traumatized about that I must let the truth out as media outlets without having proper info are attempting to stain my character and reputation that I have spent my entire life building.

I could’ve been murdered inside my home on Saturday & I would like to take this time & thank all of my family, friends, & colleagues who have reached out regarding the matter sending love and positive energy. This footage is very alarming to all my fellow people in music & living in los angles area pls be safe and monitor who you allow in your home. I made a crucial mistake which could’ve costed my life THIS WOMAN WAS NOT MY GF EVER. I won’t dive further into this & will let my lawyers move forward accordingly.

Pls stay safe amidst these tragic times not only for myself but the entire world. Swipe right for more & my lawyers statement ??

Video #1 suspects passing firearms through my home gate

Video #2 suspects retreating after my ADT alarm sounds & jumping gate on my property.

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The Blast initially reported the story about Hitmaka allegedly pistol-whipping Talia and they also shared the disturbing photos of her injuries.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the situation and I anxiously await the outcome.

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