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Blac Chyna Goes BONKERS At Six Flag When Fan Touches Her Kids, See Video & Read Her Statement

Blac Chyna went bonkers at Six Flags on Easter Sunday when a fan touched her kids. Get the scoop, see video and read Chyna’s statement about the altercation.

Blac Chyna

Listen Linda! Blac Chyna went ham, bologna and cheese at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Easter Sunday when a fan allegedly touched her children.

Bystanders caught an enraged Chyna on camera wielding Dream’s stroller as a weapon as her friends and security tried to hold her back.

Peep the clips below.


Blac Chyna later released a statement via social media saying she already faces challenges because she’s famous, but she draws the line in the sand when it comes to her children.

She also added that she is not a violent person.


Blac Chyna statement


Before the drama ensued, the kids were having a great time.



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Hopefully, Rob Kardashian won’t use this dust up against Chyna in court.

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