Out of all the unpredictable things, the career trajectory of celebrities tops the list, and most of them can be seen trying their luck with multiple business niches at the same time.

We have seen our favorite celebrities having expertise in work which belongs to various domains. While they create their magic on the screens, there is also a long list of celebrity authors.

Very few people know about their favorite celebrities who wrote books too. If you are someone having a love for arts and literature, then you need to know about these famous people from Canada who are creating magic with their words as well as acting skills.

Not many people knew about celebrities who wrote books, but the list mentioned below will reveal facts about some really famous celebs. 

Celebrities Who Write

Ryan Gosling 

Most of the people have a crush on this handsome guy for his tremendous acting skills, but very few know he is equally good with his words too. He started his career as a child in Disney’s channel and pursued it as a proper career once he turned seventeen. After making his mark with his unmatchable acting skills, he also wrote and directed some masterpieces which were recognized worldwide. 


Aubrey Drake Graham is a rapper, singer and writer who started his career via a Canadian TV gig and with all these years of hard work, he awed everyone with his talent and resilience. He belongs to the generation of gems which came up with mixtapes and made everyone fall for this idea. 

Jim Carrey

There were times when comedy shows were not completed without Jim Carrey and this king of comedy came up with innumerable shows. In some, he acted, some he directed and some were written by him. A living example of talent and impression who guided people through his tremendous skills. People learned a lot from him and all follow him as a role model. 

Those people who are struggling through their careers need to follow Jim Carrey and should learn how he evolved as a successful person despite having a tough childhood. All those people or students who aspire to become actors need to start working for it from tender teenagers.

Sometimes following your passion might seem hard with all educational workloads, but things can be managed if you work in the right direction. There are numerous essay writing services in Canada that can help students with their papers or assignments via an online channel.

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Keanu Reeves

An extremely generous person who never threw star tantrums and has always been careful with his personality. Some people believe he is too good for this world for all the positivity he brings along every time he comes on the screen.

Despite being in the industry for over 3 decades now, people do not know much about him but one thing is for sure that this mysterious man never took advantage of his celebrity status. His entire professional journey is not less than a treat to watch. 

Rachel McAdams

Be it Mean Girls, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Sherlock Holmes or The Vow, this girl made sure to be her best self. Her skills are not limited to her unusual acting techniques, but she also received significant accolades due to her amazing writing.

Lately, we have seen numerous books written by celebrities that reflected their personalities and how they felt regarding different aspects. They also won various awards for facilitating industry with the acting and writing skills simultaneously. 

All these multi-talented people are creating a long-lasting impression in different domains and it seems that this list would keep on growing every single day. Their skills are not limited to acting, singing, writing, or directing. They all are continuously exploring and evolving as their best versions.