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Tomi Lahren Files Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against Glenn Beck & TheBlaze

Tomi Lahren has slapped Glenn Beck and TheBlaze with a wrongful termination lawsuit after she was canned for saying she was pro-choice with her chest on "The View." Get the scoop.


Less than a week after she was suspended for her pro-life remarks on "The View," Tomi Lahren has been permanently banned from TheBlaze by Glenn Beck.
Tomi Lahren Suspended From TheBlaze

WELP: Tomi Lahren Suspended From TheBlaze After Her Pro-Choice Comments On ‘The View’ (Video)

Tomi Lahren's show won't be airing this week because she's been suspended from TheBlaze after she stated she was pro-choice during an appearance on "The View." Get the scoop.
Trevor Noah - The Breakfast Club - Tomi Lahren

Trevor Noah Talks Tomi Lahren On ‘The Breakfast Club’ & Charlamagne Gives Himself ‘Donkey...

Trevor Noah became the People's Champ when he schooled conservative bobblehead Tomi Lahren during her visit on "The Daily Show."Then, he left us confused as...

Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg Blasts Trevor Noah & Charlamagne For Befriending Tomi Lahren

Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg took to Twitter and blasted Trevor Noah and Charlamagne of "The Breakfast Club" for befriending conservative bobblehead Tomi Lahren.
Trevor Noah Gathers Tomi Lahren On Black Lives Matter

WATCH: Trevor Noah Gathers Tomi Lahren On Black Lives Matter, Trump, & More (Extended...

Tomi Lahren appeared on "The Daily Show" for a convo with Trevor Noah that she obviously wasn't prepared for. Watch the extended interview.
Tomi Lahren - Pusha T - JAY Z - Drug Dealers Anonymous

Tomi Lahren Is HEATED After Pusha T & JAY-Z Sampled Her Rant On ‘Drug...

News anchor Tomi Lahren responds to a portion of her anti-Beyoncé rant being sampled in Pusha-T and JAY-Z's new single, "Drug Dealers Anonymous."