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Bill O'Reilly Fired From Fox News After 21-Year Run

Bill O’Reilly Fired From Fox News After 21-Year Run, Read Rupert Murdock’s Staff Memo

Bill O'Reilly better update his resume on LinkedIn because he has been fired from Fox News ending his 21-year tenure. Get the scoop.
Shonda Rhimes Blasts Bill O'Reilly

Shonda Rhimes Blasts Bill O’Reilly For Saying Slaves Who Built The White House Were...

Shonda Rhimes blasted Bill O'Reilly for his asinine remarks regarding "well fed and decent lodged" slaves who built the White House.
Montel Williams Reads Bill O'Reilly For Filth After Walking Off 'The O'Reilly Factor'

Montel Williams Reads Bill O’Reilly For Filth After Walking Off ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ (Video)

Montel Williams reads Bill O'Reilly for filth after walking off of "The O'Reilly Factor." Get the scoop and see video.