Zonnique Pullins says she is now “accepting the consequences” of her decision to undergo surgery to change the color of her eyes.

The 20-year-old had the implant surgery shortly after her mother, Tiny Harris, got the procedure done to change her eyes from brown to ice gray.

The surgery is illegal in the United States, so the Xscape singer and her daughter traveled to Africa for their new eye color.

Watch a clip below of Tiny explaining how the surgery is done.

When a fan asked Zonnique to recommend where she could get her eyes done, the singer and reality TV star revealed she’s had complications with her eyes and wouldn’t recommend it to someone else – especially considering everyone is different.

While Nique Nique has had issues with her eyes, she says her moms are fine.

When another blog reported Zonnique “regretted” having the eye surgery done, she responded, “regretting and accepting consequences are two different things.”

You never know the longterm effects of making unnecessary alterations to your body.