To promote his new album, Rich Slave, Young Dolph held a Lamborghini giveaway contest, and he stayed true to his word.

Dolph promoted the contest on his social media accounts, and I’m sure he had millions of fans enter.

Below is you’ll see the Instagram post he used to promote the contest.

More often than not, a contest like this has some kind of stipulation or loophole to it, but Young Dolph showed up to Jackie’s (aka Lambo Jack) house and gifted her his $500,000.00 Lamborghini Aventador.

Jackie, her friends, and family members were in disbelief as they watched Dolph pull up in the Lamborghini.

Jackie started crying when Dolph hugged her and congratulated her on winning the contest.

The interaction was fun to watch, and Dolph gave Jackie the nickname Lambo Jack.

Watch Young Dolph gift Jackie his Lamborghini Aventador below:

This was an amazing gesture from Young Dolph, and I’m sure it made his fans appreciate him even more.

What would you do with the car if you won the contest?