If you plan on eating at 2 Chainz‘s Atlanta restaurant you better say your grace twice, grab your prayer cloth, your Pepto, and update your life insurance policy!

The Grammy award-winning rapper’s Escobar Restaurant and Tapas restaurant, located at 327 Peter St., SW, in Castleberry Hill, failed its first health inspection after only scoring 59 out of 100 points.

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Via 11 Alive:

2 Chainz’s Atlanta eatery failed its first health inspection since opening, citing raw seafood next to utensils, black and red mold-like substance inside the ice machine and a lack of soap or paper towels by the hand-washing sink–putting customers at risk for illness.

The restaurant, owned by the Grammy Award-winning rapper Tauheed Epps and partner Mychel “Snoop” Dillard, received a “U” grade, or 59 points out of 100, after a nearly two-hour inspection on Feb. 17.

The inspection described the garbage area as heavily-soiled food debris. Furthermore, it stated, juice was on sitting on the ground and milk was observed as expired.

The inspector also noted that there were raw hamburgers stored over collard greens and raw eggs over strawberries and cheese, as well as raw shrimp and fish over sweet potatoes, violating the code that stipulates food items must be stored with other items with similar minimum cooking temperatures.


The report cited the restaurant for having cooked chicken wings ranging from 113-125 degrees. All hot food items are to maintain 135 degrees or higher.

Raw lobster was observed, according to the inspection, sitting inside the prep sink thawing in water. The DPH requires thawing to be done inside a refrigerator or under running water.

At least three of the listed violations are “known risk factors for food-borne illness,” including the lack of soap and paper towels at the designated hand-washing sinks, both behind the bar and in the kitchen.

Listen – the only thing 2 Chainz can offer me is some good music and a Dabbin Santa sweater! He can keep his vittles.

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