YG - American Airlines

YG was booted off of an American Airlines flight and is now threatening to sue.

According to the video he posted on his Instagram page, he was removed from the flight for being intoxicated.

As he’s exiting the plane, with the flight crew standing on guard, he tells his fans:

Aye, f__ American Airlines on Bloods!

They kicked me off the plane. They talking about I’m drunk.

They kicked me off the plane. They said I’m drunk. I’m sober than a m_____!

Racist a___ m____!

I’m suing!

Watch the clip below.



I’m not saying he was drunk, but just last week during an appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” the “Big Bank” rapper said he needed to go to rehab because he drinks too much tequila.

Watch below.



Hopefully, YG was able to get another flight to his destination.

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