Mo'Nique covers Rolling Out


Mo’Nique is back like she never left!

Mo’Nique is gracing the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine and she looks amazing!

The actress and comedian became a hot topic behind rumors of being blackballed and difficult to work with, as well as her ongoing he say/she say battle with Lee Daniels.

But, Mo is good to go! Her powerful new film, Blackbird, is now in theaters and she’s featured in HBO’s forthcoming movie, Bessie, starring Queen Latifah.

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Inside her cover story, Mo’Nique talks candidly about being labeled as “difficult” and the alleged backlash she’s received for telling her truth.

Read an excerpt below.

“I don’t know that I would use the word ‘backlash’ because when you say things that are true — what is a backlash?” Mo’Nique states. “It’s just the truth. It’s not a secret, it’s not hidden. It’s the truth. When people say ‘Mo’Nique can be difficult,’ I understand why people can say that. When I was doing this photo shoot, I remember I was in my dressing room and I wasn’t dressed. And the stylist’s assistant, who was a young man, just walked into my room. It was a closed door. Did he knock? No, he just walked in and began to put some things up. But I wasn’t dressed. So I had to ask him to please excuse himself and not walk into my room again — it’s a closed door. Well, he said ‘I didn’t do that. The photographer walked me over and opened the door.’ He goes and gets the photographer — the door is closed, but once again, he doesn’t knock and walks in. I asked him ‘Where do you do that? Especially if you know there’s a woman on the other side?’ I said to him ‘If I were a different person, this photo shoot would go differently, but I’m going to need you to excuse yourself and do this the right way.’ Those types of things [portray] me to be ‘difficult,’ because lots of times people won’t say anything. They’ll just go along with it.”

“So when you say ‘backlash,’ I don’t buy into that,” she said. “There are just things that happen that we don’t want to really take responsibility for and it’s easier to say ‘Oh well, they were being a diva. They were being difficult.’ No one wants to tell the whole story. People can say ‘Mo’Nique is difficult’ just because I’m simply holding you to your word and asking you to be respectful. I understand why people say it, but we don’t always know the truth. How do I feel about the backlash? I don’t. Because I’ve never been afraid of the truth.”

See the beautiful photos from her cover shoot below.


Mo'Nique - Rolling Out magazine-2

Mo'Nique - Rolling Out magazine-4

Mo'Nique - Rolling Out magazine-1

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Mo'Nique - Rolling Out magazine


Read Mo’Nique’s full interview with Rolling Out.

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